New Business. No Customers Consultation


Having no customers means you have no business. Do you have an amazing product or new business service that you are looking to sell, but have no following? Do you have a customer avatar? Do you know your target demographic? Do you know your customer affinity and psychographics? In this 60 minute consultation, Tish Taylor will give you the action steps to build a following; in addition help, you find your customer.

  • This session is non-refundable.
  • This session cannot be rescheduled.
  • This session cannot be transferred to another team member.
  • This session is private. One-on-One via Zoom.

This session is intended for

  • New Business Owners
  • Personal Brand Builders





  • This session is nonrefundable
  • This session cannot be rescheduled
  • This session is a private one-on-one via Zoom

This session is intended for:

  • New Business Owners
  • New Product Developers
  • Entrepreneurs


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