Sell Your 1st E-Book Editable Canva Template


If you’re just starting out with digital products, E-books are a simple way for you (online merchants) to monetize your knowledge and experiences. E-books can also be used as a lead magnet. E-books can simply be purchased and downloaded from your online store!

The Canva Templates are already formatted and the foundation has been laid out. You will need to brand the template with colors, images, logos, video and most importantly your book verbiage in order for it to be purchase ready.


  • Download the Purchase PDF at Checkout.
  • Click the video link within the Purchase PDF to learn more.
  • Click “Go to Template” to get started.
  • This product is non-refundable.
  • Chrome is much more compatible to Canva.com vs. Safari.
  • For further assistance please email HELP to info@tishtaylor360.com.

To learn more about Tish Taylor please go to www.tish-taylor.com

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